Each student is required to take a total of 10, three hour classes to satisfy the 30 hour Minnesota law.
There are 9 chapter's in the Minnesota driver's manual.  On the 10th day, there will be a practice exam.  You do not have to take all 9 lesson's in any particular order, but, all lessons must have been attended before the final test (10), to satisfy the state requirements. The 10th lesson or practice test can be taken on any day after the first 9 lessons are completed. 

 On the students 10th and final class, they  are required to legally enroll in the behind the wheel courses with us to receive their blue certificate . A deposit of $150 will make it a legal enrollment  allowing them to take the state knowledge test. They need to bring the blue certificate and 2 other forms of ID to any approved exam station and take the state knowledge test. Once they have passed the state exam, they can legally drive with any licensed driver over 21, unless the student is over 18, then they may practice with someone 18 and older. The final half of the behind the wheel of $150 is due on the day of the first driving lesson.

We strongly encourage all of our students and their parents to start driving shortly after receiving their permit. The more experience they get from you, the better driver they will become.
The law states that a parent must give their child 50 hours of supervised practice, 35 of those hours during the day and 15 at night both bare MINIMUMS!  And only 6 hours with a certified instructor.

By law all students must hold a permit 6 months before taking the road exam. Our program is designed around those 6 months. Obtain student's permit, practice driving with mom/dad approximately 10 hours or 2 months and then get lesson #1 with us.
Next, go out for 10 more hour's or 2 months and practice the things we showed them that they need to improve on and get lesson #2 with us. The final step is to go out and get 10 more hours or 2 months more practice from lessons 1 & 2 and then get your 3rd and final lesson with us as close to your road exam as possible.